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Garlic Dip $6.00


Everyone’s top favorite and best selling flavor, award-winning garlic dip

This is our #1 selling dip that goes great with chips, pretzels, veggies, and all your favorite add-ons.

People love it as it makes the holidays and all the sports nights much tastier.

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Cheddar Dip $6.00

Cheddar cheese is perhaps the greatest of all cheeses – and it makes for an amazing dip.

Pair this with crackers, chips, or pretzels when you’re hosting for the holidays.

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Corned Beef Dip $6.00


That’s correct: Corned Beef. And it’s fantastic.

This is Chicago. You can’t have a holiday gathering without some corned beef for Uncle Al, right? But it’s not just for Uncle Al. ALL will love this dip.

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